Portrait Commissions – Now Booking for Spring/Summer 2024

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German Shepherd 16 x 16 inch box framed canvas in floating frame A gift from wife to husband to commemorate their beloved 11yr old dog. It was created on a chunky square canvas & finished with a beautiful contrast floating frame. I picked up the Portrait today and it is beautiful, Sarah has captured every…

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Sprocker Spaniel A3 box framed canvas in floating frame Created as a gift from Sister to Brother as a Thank you for all his support. He had sadly lost Charlie a few months prior to handover of the portrait & was overwhelmed to receive it. My brother has put the painting up & sent me…

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Lucy & Lily

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 16 x 16 inch boxed framed canvas with floating frame Created for a returning customer from Scotland

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Spaniel A4 Strathmore textured paper for acrylics in mount I was contacted to create a wedding gift from husband to wife on their special day. The portrait was painted of the brides spaniel on A4 textured paper. This was then mounted & then framed behind glass. I then wrapped it in wedding gift wrap ready…

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel A3 boxed framed canvas with floating frame Created for a customer from Scotland who admired my work on a Google search. “Beautiful painting of my Cavalier…such a talent!” – John Gilmour (Scotland)

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Chow Chow 24 x 24 inch canvas in a floating frame Commissioned as a Christmas present for his partner, my client Alex wanted a large canvas to be a focal point in their home. As an art collector, he loves large pieces of art and so decided on a 24 x 24 inch deep canvas.…

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A Border Terrier A4 canvas board fixed to mount board

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A Border Terrier 12 x 12 inch Strathmore textured paper mounted & framed “I’ve received my finished painting of our dog Buddy today and what can I say!!! It’s absolutely perfect.. I’m so happy with it. Sarah is such a talented lady. Thank you so much!” – Natalie Allsop (Ripley, Derbyshire)

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