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Sprocker Spaniel
A3 box framed canvas in floating frame

Created as a gift from Sister to Brother as a Thank you for all his support. He had sadly lost Charlie a few months prior to handover of the portrait & was overwhelmed to receive it.

My brother has put the painting up & sent me this following message, thank you so much –

Pride of place on our stairs, he’ll now be one of the last things we see when we go to bed and one of the first when we get up in the morning – just like it was. This painting means more to us than any amount of money, I was a bit speechless when you gave it to us so my reaction might not have been what you were expecting, if so I’m sorry … I was blown away tbh. The painting is fantastic but it’s the thought behind it that means more!

Donna Sisson (Heanor, Derbyshire)

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