Portrait Commissions – Now Booking for Spring/Summer 2024

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The Process

Comissioning your own portrait painting is a simple & an exciting process. The outcome is a painting with great attention to detail, likeness, character & a stunning creation your family will treasure forever. In simple form the process entails -

Step 1 – Choose your Photograph
Step 2 – Choose the Style and Size of the painting
Step 3 – Contact me
Step 4 – Reserve a slot in my diary
Step 5 – Portrait is produced and completed

Continue reading for a more detailed guide to the commssion process...


1. Choose your Photograph

Photos are the most important part in the commission process. I cannot stress enough how important good quality photos are. The majority of the time I am unable to meet the animals I paint, so your photos are my only insight into what they are like. Photos are absolutely key, the better the photo the better the portrait will be. Please take a look at my photography advice where you will find helpful tips on getting the perfect photo.

2. Choose Style and Size of the Painting

I offer a variety of sizes ranging from A5 to over 3 foot. These can be square or rectangle.

Smaller paintings are available on either textured paper or a slim canvas board up to A3 size & come mounted & framed.

Larger paintings from A3 upwards are on a deep 3.5cm boxed canvas which is completed with a floating frame.

Considerations on the size, shape & style of the painting depend on the following -

  • If the subject is a full body or head only
  • Number of pets
  • Whether the background is a simple one or detailed.
  • Budget – please check out my pricing & payment page
  • Where would you like to display the painting?

Think about the space available, allowing for the frame depth
I'd recommend cutting pieces of card or paper to various sizes and holding them up to the wall where you thin the painting might go. This can help to visualise it within the space available.  You may find my commission FAQ's helpful, and if are if you are still unsure of size, styling and background etc please contact me for advice.

3. Contact Me

Once you have your photos together and decided upon the type of portrait you would like, please complete my Enquiry Form with your requirements. Then attach your photos to the form.

At this point, please also let me know if there are any deadlines such as a birthdays or anniversary, and I will endeavour to juggle my schedule to fit you in. Once I receive your enquiry I can then give you an approximate time scale for completion of your painting.

4. To confirm a slot in my diary

Once we have discussed your portrait and decided which photo will be used, I will require at least a 30% non refundable deposit to secure your slot in my diary. Please see my terms and conditions. The remaining balance will be due on completion of your portrait. There is also an option of paying in installments - please see pricing and payment for more details.

5. Progress & Completion of your painting

Once work commences on your portrait I will keep you posted on the progress by email. Within these emails I can show you glimpses of the painting in progress. This gives you the chance to make any comments and see it's progress. I may also post snippets on my facebook page and Instagram page, of the paintings process, unless you would prefer me not to, or if its a surprise gift.

Once complete I will email you a watermarked digital photo of the finished portrait, unless you wish me to keep it a surprise. At this stage only very minor adjustments can be made. Once absolutley satisifed I will then invoice you with the final payment request which should be paid within 7 days of completion. Your portrait will then be packaged securely.

Enclosed with your commission will be a Certificate of Authenticity for the artwork. The Certificate is printed on white card,signed by myself, and then placed in a clear protective sleeve. Please see photo below for an example.

The portrait is then ready for collection or postage as previously discussed.


Photography advice

When creating a portrait I work from a photo for reference. The quality of the photographs make a huge difference to your commissioned portrait. Taking the right photo, good enough to paint from is crucial to the process. Importantly it needs to be a clear photograph which shows the detail in their fur and eyes.

Fortunately, the quality of cameras most people have nowadays, or even the new camera phones, provide great quality. However, a few basic tricks can get the best out of whatever camera you have. This guide will hopefully help. Further down the page I will give some examples of what makes a good photo, and then some common issues, using my own doggy “Sweep” as a model.

Taking the photograph

Examples of common issues

Good examples

Pets that have passed away

If you are looking at commissioning a portrait of a pet that has sadly passed away I understand you may have limited photos available, but please don't worry - send me as many photos as you can and we can work through them together. I will need to see photos of pets that have passed before I accept your commission, so I can check I can work from your photos.

Multiple Pets

A common misconception for multiple pet portraits is that you have to have your pets in the same photo. This is NOT TRUE - in fact it is always best if you can send separate photos of each pet and I will lay them out nicely in your portrait together. However, sending a photo of them together to show the relationships of the size between them is always handy.

Here For Advice

Don't worry I am always happy to help and give advice. I will always review and discuss your photos with you when ordering a commission. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more help, or if you wish to ask any questions. Feel free to send me as many photos as you like. There are no obligations at this stage of the process.